Beyonce Knowles was born on September 4

Jeri Ryan was born on February 22, 1968 in Munich, Germany. Her birth name is Jeri Lynn Zimmerman.

Jeri and her brother Mark grew up on several Military bases, including Kansas, Maryland, Georgia and Texas. Finally, at the age of 11, her family settled down in Paduch, Kentucky.

After graduating from Lone Oak High School in 1986, Jeri attended Northwestern University Chicago as a National Merit Scholar. While studing there, she won a number of beauty contests.
With a BS in theater, she came to Los Angeles and since then she's been on several TV shows and movies, including popular shows like "Matlock", "Melrose Place", "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Dark Skies". Her television experience also includes roles in a variety of films including "Nightmare in Columbia County" (1991), "In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco" (1993), "Co-ed Call Girl" (1996), "Men Cry Bullets" (1997), "The Last Man" (2000), "Dracula 2000 (2000)" and "Down With Love" (2003).

Jeri Ryan resides in the Los Angeles area with her son Alex.


Common misspellings & aliases:
Geri, Gerry, Gerri, Jerry, Jery, Jerri, Jehri, Gery, Rayan, Raian, Ryhan, Rian, Rihan, Ryann, Ryane.