Beyonce Knowles was born on September 4

Diane Kruger was on July 15, 1976 in Algermissen, Germany. Her birth name is Diane Heidkrueger.

As a child, Diane wanted to become a ballerina, so she traveled to London where she studied with the Royal Ballet. Unfortunately, an injury ruined her career before it could really begin. Returning to her native Germany, Diane became a successful model there and in Paris. She later pursued acting and relocated to Paris at the suggestion of filmmaker Luc Besson.

Diane made her debut in the TV movie "The Piano Player" (2002), where she acted alongside Dennis Hopper and Christopher Lambert. Diane took roles in a number of French films. She co-starred in "Mon idole" (2002), and also appeared in the movies "Ni pour, ni contre" and "Michel Vaillant" (both 2003).

Diane Kruger had to gain 15 lbs for "Troy" (2004) because director Wolfgang Petersen wanted her to appear rounder. She has since lost the weight.


Misspellings & aliases:
Dian, Dayan, Dianne, Dyane, Dyan, Kr�ger, Krooger, Krueger, Krugger, Kreuger, Heidkruger, Heidkreuger, Heidkrooger, Krugar, Kruegar.