Beyonce Knowles was born on September 4

Courteney Cox was born on June 15th, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Courteney attended Mountain Brook High School, where she was a cheerleader, tennis player and swimmer. In her final year, she received her first taste of modelling. She appeared in an advert for the store, Parisians. Upon graduation, she left Alabama to study architecture and interior design at Mount Vernon College. After one year she dropped out to a pursue a modelling career in New York, after being signed by the prestigious Ford Modelling Agency. She appeared on the covers of teen magazines such as Little Miss and Tiger Beat, plus numerous romance novels. She then moved on to commercials for Noxema, Maybeline, New York Telephone Company and Tampax.

In 1985 Courteney made her series TV debut as a teen-aged juvenile delinquent with a genius IQ in the sci-fi series "Misfits of Science". Both the series and Courteney's role were soon forgotten, but she enjoyed a longer run starting in 1986 as Lauren Miller, on the popular sitcom "Family Ties".
After appearing in several films, such as "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (1994), Courteney was cast as neatness freak Monica Geller on the instant-hit 1994 TV comedy "Friends".

Courteney Cox is married to actor David Arquette.

Misspellings & aliases:
Courtney, Cortney, Courtnei, Courtny, Cortny, Cortni, Courtni, Kox, Coxx, Cocks, Coks, Cokks, Arcuette, Arquette, Arckuette.